Keeping your Toddler Busy

Today I want to tell you about a book I bought well over a year ago.  Being an older first time mum I´d not had much contact with young children over the past decade and had a complete panic attack about about my lack of experience in not only keeping children entertained but using creative learning techniques.  After searching the internet I found the very book  The Toddler´s Busy Book  by Trish Kuffner which I bought on also available in the UK.  The book contains 365 creative learning games and activites (one for each day of the year) for one to three year olds using items found around the home.

The first piece of advice is about what you need to stock up on for your crafts cupboard but I found that the majority were items that I had around the house anyway.  The chapters are separated into the different kinds of games and activities for rainy days, in the kitchen, water play, outdoor adventures, music and movements etc.  I especially like the activities for rainy days as it can be so easy to let your children watch the TV or a video.  My son and I have had endless fun trying out new games and we still have lots more activities to do.  The book retails at €7,80 and is well worth the investment.

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