Ultimate Blog Challenge – Starting January with a Bang!

This month I have embarked on a major challenge, and decided to join a host of others in the Ultmiate Blog Challenge; to write 31 posts, one a day for the whole of January.  I must have been sipping the Christmas Sherry when I agreed to do this!  However, I´m going to look at it as the push I need to inject some life and consistency into my Blog.  There´s a long way to go till the finishing post and I hope I can think of a new topic to write about each day.  The past year has been a very steep learning curve as I set out to establish my online business, easytoddler, in a world that  I was totally unfamiliar with.  I have met some incredibly motivated mums who have inspired me to keep going when I have felt like giving up.  So this challenge will give me the opportunity to review my accomplishments from 2011, the challenges that lie ahead of me and my goals for 2012.  So join me in my mission to write a new post every day for the next 31 days.

I would love you to show your support by commenting, sharing or any other way that you choose.  I will need all the encouragement I can get to do the 31 days, thank you.

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