Hello lovely readers,

I´m Lesley Johnston-Börs, a forty something mother to my fantastic son, Roan, born in 2008.  I originally hail from a lovely coastal town in Scotland called Largs and moved to Stuttgart, Germany in March 2007 with my Husband, Marco.  We recently moved to a town just outside Berlin in order to be closer to Marco´s family and our friends and most importantly water! I loved Stuttgart but found it difficult not being near the sea and here in the North of Germany we have lots of  beautiful lakes to enjoy.

In my previous career I worked as a Health & Safety Manager.  A job which I loved.  I opened my online shop www.easytoddler.com in 2009 selling the Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet, whilst still working full-time.  After leaving my job a year ago I decided to run my business full-time, focusing on introducing new and exciting baby products mainly from the UK to the German market.  These products have been invented by parents who through their daily parenting challenges have come up with a better and safer solution to care for their child.

My Blog will follow my experiences as a mum living in a foreign country, trying to master a very difficult language and the highs and lows I have had starting a new business.  I also want to introduce and share with you my recommendations on new, innovative and practical Baby & Toddler Products.

Welcome on board!


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