A ripe-melon-like “Thud”!

It all started in May 2009 when Roan, my very active 7 month old son, started to crawl.  Not slowly and cautiously like other children but with incredible speed and with absolutely no sense of danger.  Had we still been living in Scotland I may not have been so anxious as my house there had carpets but no we now live in Germany and as the norm our apartment had stone tiles throughout the whole living area.  A child of that age has very weak muscle control and their centre of gravity is in their head (an adults is in their bottom). So when Babies fall their head hits the floor first. BANG!  Horrendous pictures of Roan smashing his head off the floor flashed through my mind and wanting my child to learn with confidence and explore his new surroundings without me fretting behind him or having social services visit me, I started my search for some kind of head protection he could wear around the house.  I had no idea what I was going to look for as I had never come across any examples of head protection for Babies.  Therefore, it was a complete coincidence that the very same week The Apprentice was being aired on TV and the contestants tasks were being filmed at the Baby Show in London.  Low and behold the winning task was in association with The Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet.  There it was, the answer to my worries.  I had found the very thing I was looking for.  I immediately ordered the helmet online from the UK and it was full steam ahead for our little express train.

Check out the cute Mickey Mouse ears

I loved the helmet so much that I called the inventor Kelly Forsyth-Gibson to tell her how much I loved it and the difference it had made to Roan´s development.  Roan was standing up and starting to walk at 9 months with great confidence and without my help.  It was from this conversation that Kelly asked if I would be interested in selling it in Germany.  The helmet is sold in over 40 countries worldwide but there was no distributor or retailers in Germany.  What an opportunity.   So in June 2009 easytoddler was born selling the Thudguard Helmet.  Over 2 years later I decided to turn my small pastime into a full-time career, increased my product catalogue and I am about to relaunch under a new name with a new website along with many more lovely Baby & Toddler Products from around the world.  I can still hardly believe that one phone call to compliment someone on a brilliant invention has led me to where I am now.  The acceptance of the helmet in Germany has been a lengthy process but in time and with more focus and publicity on the research being carried out on the long term effects of head injuries in Babies I know that the Helmet will be as successful here as it is in all the other countries.

Lesley is doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge throughout the month of January.  I would love your support and to hear from you so please send me all your comments on my posts.


3 Responses

  1. What a clever product must remember to share this with friends when their babies start toddling.

  2. great post Lesley
    My baby Olive is 7mths and I actually called the Dr as she can’t sit up. She can crawl and climb but can’t sit up so if standing she looses her balance and BANG! I wanted to check how many times she could bang her head before she was damaged!!

    Maybe I should invest in one of these!

  3. What a great help to parents. Anything we can do to help protect our kids is a good thing.

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