BundleBean 5-in1 Waterproof Fleece Foot-Muff

Some product reviews on Baby and Toddler Products are easy to write and this is one of them.  When BundleBean offered to send me a sample of their 5-in-1 Waterproof Fleece Foot-Muff (Fußsack) I got very excited at the opportunity of reviewing a brand new product not yet available to the German market.

Firstly, a wee bit of background information on the story behind BundleBean.  The designer is  a mother of two who came up with the ingenious idea on how she could combat the amount of expensive kit needed by parents when venturing out and about with their little one.  BundleBean is a blanket which coverts into a foot-muff that fits on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and also cleverly converts into a front style baby carrier.  It also opens out flat for use as a travel picnic rug or play mat.  It really is a one stop solution.  I liked using it as a foot-muff (Fußsack) for Roan´s bike seat when we cycled to Kindegarten. Particularly last week when the weather turned colder.  My husband was unfortunately away so I couldn´t get any pictures of Roan and I using it.  But promise to post some soon.

BundleBean is so versatile that it can be used from Baby to Toddler and from the Winter through to the Summer months.  All this in just one Blanket!

Everything has been thought of.  When using it as a baby carrier there is a pouch pocket to keep your hands cosy and to keep things in.  A waterproof nylon shell to keep your little one dry and  backed with fleece to keep them warm.  It comes in 3 different colours; pink, blue and black and when you´re not using the BundleBean it rolls up to a nice neat easy to carry bundle.  I am delighted to say that I liked it so much that I decided to add it to my product list and you can now buy the BundleBean here in Germany for the first time from easytoddler.  Another great idea from a clever mum.


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