More than a Day out

Ok so this doesn´t actually qualify for a day out but I wanted to write about our recent trip to the Amalfi Coast and our experience of the genuine friendliness the Italian people have towards children.  I´m not just talking about their own family members but towards total strangers.  Wandering through the streets of the towns and villages along the Amalfi Coast parents and grandparents would stop and speak to our son asking his name and introducing their child or grandchild to us in a genuinely friendly manner.  Total strangers would remember our son´s name even days later if we happened to cross paths with them again.  Our holiday was made all the more special by the hospitality given to us by Pino and his staff from Fico dÌndia, the small family run hotel we stayed in.  The service and hospitality we received from the locals could not be faulted and was the best I had experienced in a long time.

The only disappointment was our trip to Capri which was not the wonderful and romantic island we all imagine it to be.  It was bursting at the seams with day trippers and the price of food and drink was daylight robbery. The Amalfi coast line is a spectacularly beautiful spot in Italy, well worth a visit.  However, be aware that you take your life in your hands when driving along the narrow, windy roads stretching high into the mountains, definitely not for anyone suffering with vertigo. The area is famous for its wine but most notably for growing the biggest and juiciest lemons I have ever seen. Our highlights other than the spectacular views and the pasta was sitting in the small cafes drinking an espresso and sampling each town´s locally produced Limoncello, which had to be done at least twice a day.

Hmm, what flavour of ice cream have I been eating? Post your answers below


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